Printing technologies

Printing technologies

The technical capacity of JSC “Liepājas Papīrs” allows us to use the various options provided by our printing technologies:


Flexography is a fast and simple imprinting process that provides an option to make imprinting on a vast range of materials. With the help of imprinting forms, the colour is applied onto the printable material. The printing technology ensures both full and bright colours, as well as an option of softer tones. After imprinting, the labels are put in rolls, the printed material is cut to the necessary size and labels are assembled according to the instructions given by the customer.


Digital printing is a technology for a small print run, as well as for urgent printing orders. This solution does not require the prepress process.

Hybrid printing – Hybrid printing combines the functions of flexographic printing and digital printing. In July 2019 the first hybrid printing device MPS EF SYMJET in the Baltics started its work. It combines the functions of flexographic printing and digital printing. One of the major benefits of the new device, while working with the wide range of self-adhesive materials, is the ability to achieve more nuanced shades thanks to the extensible CMYK colour model, with orange and purple colours added to achieve a wider gamut. The printing device can execute foil cold stamping projects, laminate work and produce colour transfer equivalent to screen printing, creating the ability to develop entirely unique texture effects.


UV varnishing technology makes the printed labels shinier, glossy and adds to their mechanical and chemical durability. There are several UV varnish options available – a varnish for thermal sticker printing, for a matte effect, for Braille text.


Laminating ensures that the label has very good resistance against humidity, mechanical damage, dirt and chemical effects.

Silk screen printing is an imprinting technology for imprinting various materials. The printing can be done on almost any material. The special thing about silk screen printing is that the printable surface can be covered in a thick layer of colour and the elements that are later printed using the silk screen printing method, will stand out with an especially intensive, bright tone and will give a perceptible sense of relief on the label surface.

Foil hot printing and cold printing are two different technologies for applying metallised, colourful and holographic foils onto the printable material. With the help of hot printing a real and metallic appearance can be achieved, and the effect stands out with the high resistance and precision. Foil cold printing is a convenient and fast technology that allows design elements to be added to the label.


Relief printing is an after-treatment process that gives relief to the surface of the material. This technology can be used to accentuate some design element on the label. The treatment involved in this technique, gives labels a kind of exclusiveness and attractiveness.

Die cutting is necessary to create a label in any shape.


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