Bandall’s banding technology applies the bands to individual or multiple products. This is a unique and exceptional way to label, bundle and/or seal.

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Bandall is a printed band to stick together several product units or label products with unique shapes. You can use the whole surface of label and print 360o design.  Branding by Banding offers opportunities in all sectors of industry. Suitable as a primary and as a secondary packaging. For use of bandall you need to have a special banding machine. More:

Personalized labels

To implement the customer’s idea on the actual sticker, JSC “Liepājas Papīrs” offers a wide range of materials, adhesives and printing options. The most popular materials are glossy or matte paper, thermal paper, white or transparent film. There are also many specialized materials available. Inform our sales specialists about your wishes and they will select the most appropriate material for your product.

It is also possible to choose from a variety of adhesives – extra durable, moisture resistant, cold resistant and peel-off adhesives. Definitely inform our sales team about your glue preference.

For more information on print options, see section “Services”.

Customer service

We offer our customers complete service cycle from the idea to the delivery. The service cycle includes hearing out the ideas of the client and processing them, as well as developing the design layout, label pre-treatment, production process, label post-processing and delivery of the product to the customer.

Quality control

To ensure consistent level of service provision, the company has introduced quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified. The certificate confirms that the company adheres to the basic principles of quality management as customer-oriented company, systematic approach to management issues, mutually beneficial relations with the suppliers, etc.

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