Company's historical development

  1. Construction of the old factory building
  2. The third floor is built to the factory building
  3. Creation of the most modern design centre in Kurzeme
  4. JSC “Liepājas Papīrs” celebrates its first centenary The company employs 88 people
  5. Representative office is opened in Riga
  6. Construction of the new building block
  7. New digital printing machine begins its work
  8. The first hybrid printing machine in the Baltics starts its work

Historical facts

The origin of the company dates back to 1896, when Victor Smit founded the Victor Smit’s Glossy Paper and Cardboard Factory of Liepāja and built the factory building in 1898. The first production of the factory was glossy paper and cardboard, but later it also started manufacturing photo plates. During the long period of company existence it has produced impregnated canvas, chrome paper and envelopes for gramophone records, drawing notebooks, letter paper and even games for children. The production range includes mail envelopes, adhesive tape for furniture manufacturing, notebooks, office books, cardboard boxes, plastic book covers, small notebooks, phone books, calendars, diaries, etc.

Over the years the company name, management and the range of production and services have experienced several changes. In 1993 the status of the company was changed and Joint Stock Company “Liepājas Papīrs” was founded. By changing along time the company gradually increased the volumes of printing production and in 2005 it started the transition from the production of various white goods (notebooks, office books, drawing notebooks) to developing printing. JSC “Liepājas Papīrs” has become a stable and development-orientated printing company with the basic line of activity being label printing and packaging printing.

The company has been accumulating experience, striving for high quality and continuing this story of success for more than 120 years.

In order to become one of the leading companies in the Baltic printing industry, the company has been able to accept challenges, timely respond to changes and has set the task of creating an innovative and sustainable business. One of the largest companies in Liepāja has achieved great results with hard and purposeful work.

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